Information About Gynecology Procedures

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A clitoral hood reduction procedure is performed to remove excess skin and/or tissue from the area surrounding the clitoris.

A hysterectomy involves the surgical removal of the uterus and/or cervix in order to treat various conditions or to prevent future pregnancies.

A tubal ligation procedure, also known as having your tubes tied, is a long-term solution for preventing future pregnancies.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape and/or reduce the size of the labia in order to restore both function and aesthetic appearance.

Laser vaginal revitalization is a nonsurgical procedure that can help to restore the vagina and increase collagen production and elasticity.

A vaginoplasty procedure is performed to tighten the vaginal walls that may have stretched out and become lax due to a variety of factors.

G-spot injections include injecting a dermal filler into the Grafenberg spot in order to increase sexual sensation for women.

Endometrial ablation can be successful in offering relief for heavy menstrual bleeding caused by conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis.

Urinary incontinence is classified as loss of bladder control and can be treated through several nonsurgical factors including RF treatments.

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