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About Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation is a procedure in which the fallopian tubes are sealed off or cut to prevent future pregnancies. As a long-term method of birth control, tubal ligation surgery is also commonly known as tubal sterilization or having your tubes tied. For women who are done having children or do not want children in the future, board-certified gynecologist Dr. Robert Pearl performs minimally invasive laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery either as its own procedure or following a cesarean section. With the laparoscopic approach, patients can expect to have a quicker and more comfortable recovery period. During your initial consultation at Pearl GYN Aesthetic Gynecology in Coral Springs, FL, Dr. Pearl will assess whether or not you are a good candidate for a tubal ligation procedure. 

Ideal Candidates

A tubal ligation procedure is recommended for women who do not wish to become pregnant or who have completed childbearing. It is important that you are confident about your decision before undergoing a tubal ligation procedure. While some women may decide to have the procedure on its own, it can also be provided after a cesarean section to eliminate the need for a secondary procedure. Unlike with a hysterectomy, women who undergo a tubal ligation procedure will still experience their menstrual cycle and ovulate until they reach the age of menopause. 

Procedure Technique

All tubal ligation procedures are performed at an accredited surgical facility through the least invasive method possible. Dr. Pearl utilizes laparascopic techniques and technology to allow for faster healing times and an easier recovery overall. Using the laparascopic approach, Dr. Pearl will begin by making small incisions near the navel and pubic region through which the viewing device and surgical tools will be inserted. The tubes can be closed off through either an electric current that will clot the tubes or by a band or clip that is placed on the tubes. Following the procedure, Dr. Pearl will provide you will the appropriate after-care instructions to help you to heal properly. 

What to Expect

Your recovery will be dependent on your personal case and the type of technique used. After your procedure, it is normal to experience discomfort at the incision site, but this will subside in the weeks that follow. We will discuss all post-operative care instructions before you are released from the facility. You will be able to bathe 48 hours after your procedure, but it is important to be gentle when cleaning the incision site. We recommend patients avoid sexual intercourse and strenuous activity until fully healed.

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Pregnancy Prevention

If you are ready to tie your tubes, then contact us to learn more about tubal ligation. Dr. Pearl is disciplined in the latest surgical techniques to provide safe and effective pregnancy prevention. At Pearl GYN Aesthetic Gynecology, we can help you decide if a tubal ligation procedure is ideal for you. Schedule your private consultation at our Coral Springs, FL facility today.

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