Clitoral Hood Reduction in Coral Springs, FL

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About Clitoral Hood Reduction

The layer of skin that protects the clitoris is known as the prepuce, and it helps to protect the sensitivity of the area and prevent chaffing and discomfort. Due to several factors, the prepuce can become abnormally large to extend further than desired. Not only can this cause embarrassment due to appearance, it can also cause irritation of the area, especially during certain physical activities including sexual intercourse. At Pearl GYN Aesthetic Gynecology in Coral Springs, FL, board-certified gynecologist Dr. Robert Pearl performs clitoral hood reduction procedures in order to reduce the size of the clitoral hood and remove excess skin and tissue. This procedure can restore the appearance of the clitoris, as well as reduce discomfort. Contact our facility today to learn more about this minimally invasive treatment and to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Pearl.

Ideal Candidates

You may be a candidate for clitoral hood reduction surgery if:

  • You have excess skin that causes you to be self-conscious about your vaginal area
  • You have pain, discomfort, or difficulty performing activities because of your clitoral hood
  • You desire to feel more feminine
  • You desire increased sexual sensation and satisfaction

Procedure Technique

A clitoral hood reduction is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that may require general or local anesthesia. During the operation, Dr. Pearl will create small incisions in order to remove and reshape the existing skin and tissues, resulting in an overall uniform and proportional appearance. Once completed, he will place dissolvable sutures in the treated areas. This procedure typically lasts around one hour. We use precise techniques that should not affect the nerve endings or surrounding areas, and will produce minimal scarring.

What to Expect

After your clitoral hood reduction procedure, you may experience some minor pain, swelling, and discomfort in the area. You may want to apply ice if necessary and take 3 – 4 days off from work and your normal activities. As the skin heals, you should begin to see your results over time, with a less prominent clitoral hood and more symmetrical, appealing genitalia. You should also feel more comfort during activities and when wearing tight clothing. Sometimes, this surgery can produce increased sensation in the area and heightened sexual pleasure.

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Increased Confidence

If you're feeling self-conscious, are embarrassed to perform certain activities, or feel discomfort from an enlarged clitoral hood, then you may consider having a reduction surgery. A quick outpatient operation is all that is needed to restore your femininity and boost your confidence. You may also experience more pleasure and sensitivity as a result. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Pearl at our Coral Springs, FL facility, contact us today.

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